When do your home’s windows need to be replaced? If you have old, outdated windows, then this answer may be obvious: there’s no time like the present. That said, you may have windows that are fairly new, somewhat insulating, and decent-looking. So should you swap them out? Well, we’ve cataloged a few considerations that you can weigh if you’re on the fence about upgrading the windows in your home.

Here are a few signs that it may be time for an upgrade. Oh, and if you live here in the Denver or Lakewood area, you can always count on the Airtight Exteriors crew to perform window replacements for you.

Windows With Low R-Value

If you have windows with a low r-value, then you’re losing precious heat in the winter and precious cool air in the summer. That means that you’ll have higher energy bills year-round, and your home may be a bit less comfortable and cozy. So, what exactly is r-value?

R-value is a measure of your windows’ thermal efficiency. Since windows are so thin, they are one of the weakest points throughout the envelope of your home, as far as insulation quality goes. You should have windows with an r-value that is around three or above to keep your home efficient. These days, you can find windows with an r-values above five, which will improve the efficiency of your windows by around 40 percent in comparison with low r-value models. If you’re uncertain about the current r-value of your windows, you can ask a window expert to take a look. Also, you should know that single-pane windows tend to have the lowest r-value, since there’s only a thing barrier of glass between the outside environment and the inside of your home. Consider replacing these windows with more modern, double-paned windows.

You Have Broken Hardware

If you have windows that no longer latch, windows that get caught in their tracks as you slide them or lower and raise them, or windows that no longer lock, then it might be a good idea to upgrade the whole window. While you can certainly replace this hardware and fix windows whose fixtures are broken, a break may prove to be the best time to swap out your windows. If your windows are several years old, and they’re less efficient than current models, then an upgrade may be a better investment than a repair.

Improve Your Home’s Aesthetic

If you have windows that simply look like they are decades old, then it may be time for an upgrade. If you have windows that are cracked or chipped, it’s time to swap them out. Or perhaps you have windows with edging that is outdated and discolored — consider an upgrade. If your windows are so old that they are getting warped (which happens with old windows!), then you should update those windows — it’s likely that they’re very inefficient anyway.

Boost Your Home’s Value

If you’re constantly renovating your home, then you shouldn’t neglect the windows — in fact, this may be the best place to begin a remodel. Good windows add value to a home, and they can prove to be a selling point if you ever put your home on the market. Opt for high-efficiency windows that look great with the aesthetic of your home. And remember, as you invest in new windows, money spent is just that: an investment. You’ll get much of the value that you put into your windows back when you sell your home, and you’ll enjoy a more controlled climate and lower energy bills in the meantime.

Increase Home Security

If you have old windows, they may be rather insecure. Old windows are often built on sliding tracks that make it easy to jimmy open the window. Plus old windows often have latches that become worn out, which makes it easy to use a crowbar to leverage the window open. In addition, single-pane windows are easier to break. If you’re concerned about the security of your home, you should update your windows, and consider installing a security system with sensors that are triggered when your windows are opened or when the glass is shattered.

Reduce Noise

If you live on a busy street, it may prove difficult to get a full night’s rest. If you’re constantly waking up to the sounds of trains and honking cars, then you should consider a window upgrade to improve the noise control of your home. Modern windows are designed to reduce sound transfer from the outside to the inside of your house (and vice versa), which will make your home feel more comfortable and private.

Count on Airtight Exteriors

If you’ve decided to swap out those outdated windows in your home, we’re eager to help. Here at Airtight Exteriors, we provide window installation services, and we’d be ecstatic to remove the old models in your home, replacing them with the latest and greatest. Again, we provide window installation services for folks here in Lakewood and throughout Denver. Give us a call to get started!