Throughout history, window technology has grown to keep up with demands for better housing.

People had a need for ventilation in their humble abodes. Being able to view who was at the entry of your castle was also a benefit for security reasons. Back in the early days, there were no professional window installers to assist with this important aspect of the home. Luckily for you, we here at Airtight Exteriors specialize in window installation in the Lakewood area and can help you to improve your home. Today we will take a quick stroll through the progression in windows and their simple beginnings.

Simple Beginnings

The first windows to be used by mankind weren’t impressive. Before technology and innovation took the reins, your earliest windows consisted of being an open space in the structure. Windows originally were holes. Soon after, however, the need for protection from the elements (and sometimes predators!) led to the introduction of animal hides or cloth. Wood windows came next, but not as we know them today- these windows were just pieces of wood surrounding open air. This naturally led to the introduction of shutters. The wood pieces could be moved to either allow ventilation into the house or closed to completely shut out the outside.

When in Rome

It is commonly acknowledged that the Romans were the first utilize glass in their windows in the first century A.D. Theories on these early beginnings point toward Egypt where the necessary ingredients to craft rudimentary glass resided. They used sand and sodium carbonate to create the earliest glass known today. Although the quality was initially poor, the groundwork for what we use in new window installation today was set.

Bringing Wood Windows to the Crowds

Glassmaking in Rome had been refined to an unmistakable art. However, following the empire’s fall, the skill and information to make glass windows were lost during the Dark Ages. The 14th Century saw a new rise in glassblowers working to refine their craft and reclaim the art of glassmaking. The Palace of Versailles was built in France in 1680 and was the shining beacon for how windows should be made. By the end of the 17th Century, glass windows were becoming more and more common.

Improving the System

Newer windows were being installed at a fascinating rate. According to Architect Magazine, wooden windows were the mainstay of architecture until the early 19th Century. Advances in technology brought forth steel and aluminum for your new window installations. Steel was also a major game-changer for the style and architecture of buildings. Integrating steel into your structure meant that the load-bearing went to the steel instead of your actual walls. This was the beginning of using curtain walls, or walls made almost entirely out of glass. We see this method applied to many skyscrapers today.

We have covered a lot of time in a short span. From oils and hides to today’s modern vinyl windows, we have come a long way. Airtight Exteriors specializes in the latter and has the inventory and expertise needed to outfit your home perfectly. Contact us today for all of your window installation needs in the Lakewood area!