When it comes to caring for your new window installation, Airtight Exteriors has you covered. You wouldn’t neglect cleaning your house, and the maintenance of your wood or vinyl windows is no different.

Taking care of and keeping a close eye on your windows can lengthen their lifespan and make your life much less stressful down the road. Read the list below to help in the fight against wear and tear on your fancy new window replacements.

  • Clean Everything: This includes the vinyl and wooden window frames. Regular maintenance to keep the general window assembly clean will go a long way to protect your equipment. Keeping the casing and rubber clean and clear of dirt and debris is huge in maintaining window health. Having an increasing amount of filth in your window can cause a multitude of problems down the road that a quick bath can prevent today. From cracks to jams, nobody likes a broken window.
  • Inspect Everything: Your windows take a beating as the seasons trudge on. Being vigilant can help to catch a problem early and possibly save you some in the money department. Look for missing paint, chipped metal, rotting wood, faulty weather stripping, etc. Any fault that is not rectified can lead to higher energy bills and less protection from the elements. Just remember- catching it earlier (such as a car problem) can equal quick, easy fixes.
  • Fix Everything: Any issues that you spot need to be addressed. If the paint looks faded and cracking, add a coat of new paint. Weather stripping can be a big part in sealing out the elements, and fixing that should be a top priority. Ensure that everything slides smoothly and fits snugly. Any latches that do not lock properly should be removed as well. This helps with your energy bill and overall home protection.

Following these guidelines should prove both quick and useful. As Lakewood’s window installation company, Airtight Exteriors is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your investment. We offer a wealth of information and tools for installing and taking care of your precious vinyl windows. Contact us now with any questions you may have!