dreamstime_xxl_6374026 (1)Let’s dive into windows… well, not literally. The windows that decorate your home and allow sunlight in may not seem very exciting, but in reality, they’re backed by a wealth of information and history. When shopping for replacement windows, it is important to know what type of window you are shopping for. Today, we will look at a few of the more common window types (which are most often framed with wood or vinyl). Regardless of the shape and size of your view to the world, Airtight Exteriors is your source for window installation here in Lakewood and throughout the Denver Metro area.

Common Window Types

  • Awning: A window that is placed horizontally with hinges at the top. These guys swing outward and are useful for promoting airflow and ventilation.
  • Clerestory: A window installed higher up in a given structure. This style can sit within the roof or somewhere on the upper walls to admit light in; think of the high windows in a church for reference.
  • Jalousie: This fancy window is divided into slats that rotate like your blinds via a crank lever. The benefit of this window is that air passes through the entire space when the panes of glass are horizontal and separated.
  • Transom: These are usually wooden windows that sit above a door. Historically, these were in high use before we were spoiled by a/c and heating systems that utilized forced air.
  • Pivot: These windows are more common across the pond and literally pivot on their hinges. Whether the window tilts from the middle of the horizontal jambs or from the middle of the vertical edges is personal preference.
  • Bay: More commonly seen here, bay windows are the three-paneled combinations that protrude past the typical exterior of the house. This style can make your house look fantastic.
  • Hopper: Any window that has hinges along the bottom of the frame and allows the glass to pivot. In most cases. this tilt only comes to the inside. These windows are commonly found in schools and small spaces such as basements.

Windows come in all shapes and sizes. The variations in history and culture have led to a litany of styles and applications. We have covered several types, but there are multitudes more. Whether you are looking for wood or vinyl windows, we have what you’re looking for! From a new house requiring new window installation, to a project consisting of replacing old windows to spruce up the place, we can help. Airtight Exteriors carries a variety of styles to fit your needs and are the window installation experts in the Lakewood area. Contact us today to discover exactly what you’re looking for!