Choosing new windows for your home seems as easy as finding a compatible design that you like, right? Unfortunately, we are here to tell you that this simply not the case, especially not in Colorado. What many people fail to realize is that climate and elevation both play an important part when it comes to choosing windows. Making a bad selection can negatively impact your home, your energy bill, and your wallet.

dreamstime_xxl_15645377Colorado Climate Considerations

If you have lived here for a while, then you know that we have some very interesting weather. It can be blizzarding one day and then be 78 degrees and sunny the next. It’s part of the CO charm. Nearly 5 million people live in Colorado, most of whom live along the Front Range. The climate here is semi-arid, the humidity levels tend to be low, and surface temperature variations can range in the extreme even in the same day. This can be a big problem for windows in your home. Consider this: In the month of January, a window on the south side of your home can be exposed to surface temperatures ranging from 19 degrees at night to a daytime high of 60 or 70 degrees. The way that the materials will expand and contract in such varying temperatures can cause unwanted damage to the window itself or to the frame.

Rocky Mountain High

Another factor that many people, contractors and homeowners alike, don’t take into consideration is the fact that most of our state’s residents live above 5,000 feet. The problem with this is that in the entire United States, only 1% of the population lives at these elevations, meaning that many window manufacturers don’t take elevation into consideration when designing their windows since their target consumer base doesn’t need special elevation attention. At lower elevations, most manufacturers use inert gases like argon to improve energy efficiency. Argon is sealed inside of a tube, and these tubes are not able to equalize pressure when they are shipped to higher elevations. The higher the elevation, the greater the pressure, and the more likely the windows are to be damaged when the pressure is finally more than the tubes can handle.

Experience Colorado Can Trust

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