1. Tips to Properly Power Wash Your Siding

    If your home’s siding looks a bit dirty, then it’s time to pull out the pressure washer. Don’t have one? You can rent a pressure water for a decent price at most hardware stores, or you can hire a professional power washer to do the job for you…Read More

  2. Is It Time to Replace Your Siding? Part 2

    How do you know when the time comes to replace the siding on your home? Having quality siding on your home is essential for so many reasons. Most people are well aware of that fact that siding is important from an aesthetic standpoint, but did you kn…Read More

  3. Is It Time to Replace Your Siding?

    There are many great reasons to replace the siding on your home. Replacing old, outdated siding with new vinyl siding is beneficial in so many ways. It adds value to your home, provides you with increased insulation, reduces your maintenance costs an…Read More

  4. Increase Your Home’s Resale Value!

    If you are thinking of selling your home, you want the value to be as high as possible. If you have been painting, remodeling, or making improvements on the inside of your home you have surely already started to raise the resale value. But focusing o…Read More

  5. Vinyl Vs. Fiber Cement Siding

    If you are considering new siding for your home, you may be stuck on two great options: vinyl and fiber cement board. Both of these siding types have benefits, and both can transform your home and boost the curb appeal. However, they are made from tw…Read More

  6. Help! My Vinyl Siding Was Incorrectly Installed!

    Vinyl siding is a great choice for your home. It is weather resistant, does not rot, wind resistant, and comes in a large variety of colors. Vinyl siding can quickly increase the curb appeal and value of your home. However, there are common problems …Read More

  7. Upgrade Energy Efficiency Before Winter

    Halloween is passed and soon winter will be here! Winters in Colorado are an exciting time. Mostly because you never really know what the weather is going to do. It could be a bright sunny day, sitting around 70 degrees. Or it could be frigid, snow b…Read More

  8. Vinyl Siding Facts You Didn’t Know You Wanted

    If you are like most people, you probably don’t give the exterior siding of your home a second thought unless there are problems with it or it gets damaged. But ask yourself, does that seem fair? After all, your siding is what protects your home fr…Read More

  9. Sprucing Up Your Siding

    Airtight Exteriors is the authority in vinyl siding for the Lakewood area. Part of our commitment to customer satisfaction is our tips on keeping your house in top form. Although it has been mentioned previously, we want to take a moment to suggest t…Read More