1. Vinyl Vs. Fiber Cement Siding

    If you are considering new siding for your home, you may be stuck on two great options: vinyl and fiber cement board. Both of these siding types have benefits, and both can transform your home and boost the curb appeal. However, they are made from tw…Read More

  2. The Perfect Shade: Choosing a Siding Color

    So you have decided to replace the siding on your house-great! Now comes the not-so-easy task of choosing a color. Color can really impact the look of your home, and choosing the right one can be an agonizing task. Whether you are looking vinyl sidin…Read More

  3. Get Smart: LP SmartSide® Siding

    Siding can dramatically change the exterior of your home and add visible beauty and style. But the value of LP SmartSide® Siding goes deeper than just the great way it looks. SmartSide Siding is a sustainable option that is incredibly resistant to r…Read More

  4. Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home With New Siding

    Spring is fast approaching, and this is the perfect time to boost your home’s curb appeal. An easy way to give the outside of your home a makeover is with siding. Whether you are thinking of selling your home, or just want to change up the exterior…Read More

  5. The Superior Side Of Vinyl Siding

    We here at Airtight Exteriors take great pride in being Lakewood’s siding installation professionals. In order to bring quality to your front lawn, we provide only the highest quality of ingredients from trusted, proven sources. Alside is one provi…Read More

  6. How to Select an Exterior Home Color Scheme

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  7. Get the Facts: All About Siding

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