We here at Airtight Exteriors take great pride in being Lakewood’s siding installation professionals. In order to bring quality to your front lawn, we provide only the highest quality of ingredients from trusted, proven sources. Alside is one provider that delivers siding we can trust. Their vinyl siding is top in their field with Charter Oak®, their flagship option. Today we will look at a few positive aspects of this Alside siding product to help you decided which option is the best for you!


  • Durability- Alside uses its exclusive TriBeam® technology to give your house’s siding the protection it needs. Charter Oak boasts of its rigidity while the double-thick nail hem offers superior defense from the elements; by elements, we mean Category 5 hurricane winds! These two factors ensure you have a strong, long-term siding that will stick around through rain and shine (and wind).
  • Coloring- Alside promises long-lasting beauty from their Charter Oak siding. The colors are full-depth in the vinyl, meaning you won’t be wasting your time staining or painting. The theme of your siding colors encapsulates the look of your home. Alside offers 14 rich colors to mix and match the combination of your dreams. They also offer 8 additional premium colors to add distinction to your castle.
  • Easy Maintenance- As we already eluded to, this vinyl siding is almost care-free. The innovative design and manufacturing process creates a consistent, durable product. Your exterior is constantly barraged with winding winds, water, and bright sunshine. Alside siding boasts of its ease of care, including the claim that you do not normally have to clean your siding.

There are a lot of options to consider when working on the siding for your house. Alside offers its Charter Oak® siding- a durable, low maintenance product that is sure to be pleasing to the eye for generations to come. With a lifetime transferable warranty, Alside stands beside its siding. Here at Airtight Exteriors, we strive to match this dedication to excellence and will professionally handle anyone’s needs in the siding installation process. Give us a call today to see how we can help cover your house in exterior beauty today!