Exterior home siding done by Airtight Exteriors!The benefits of vinyl siding are abundant, but how do you know if it is the best choice for your home?

Airtight Exteriors is the leading window and siding installation company of the Denver metro area, and we can help you decide if vinyl siding is right for you. With 20-plus years of experience, our quality work is evident with our many satisfied clients. When you are ready to replace the siding on your home, your choice of materials and who you choose for the installation can make all of the difference in the world — so choose the experts! Our comprehensive process of choosing the correct siding material for your home is critical to the longevity of your siding installation.

Vinyl siding is the widest used siding material in the country; it has been around since the 1950s and it has stood the test of time. Even though vinyl siding has been around as long as it has, the siding of today is drastically different from what was produced even a few decades ago. In the early days of vinyl siding, the manufacturing process was far from perfect and it took a few decades until it truly caught on. Today, vinyl siding is the gold standard in affordable, safe, and extremely durable home siding. It’s available in a variety of colors, with a variety of textures, and just as varied board shapes. The benefits certainly don’t stop there. Let’s take a closer look at why folks opt for vinyl to side their homes. Here are the benefits of vinyl siding, followed by some additional information that may aid you in deciding on a material for the exterior of your abode.