If you are in the market for siding and do not know where to turn, it is time to consult the experts at Airtight Exteriors. Whether you are looking to refurbish the outside of your home in order to sell, building a new home, or even restoring your mid-century modern dream home, your best choice for siding might just be fiber cement siding. At Airtight Exteriors we have the experience to recommend the correct siding for your home. With over 20-plus years servicing the window and siding needs of the Denver metro area, we know what works for the homes in our area. In the last 25 years there has been a revolution in siding and it goes by the name of fiber cement siding. What exactly is fiber cement siding? It just may be the future standard of home siding.

The Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding

Truth be told, fiber cement is one of the fastest growing segments of exterior materials for homes. It is truly remarkable stuff, as it is ideal for almost every climate in the continental United States. The climate here in Colorado can be brutal to many types of siding, and the sheer toughness of fiber cement makes it almost the perfect material for siding your home. There are several unique features that set fiber cement apart from materials like vinyl and composite siding,  the most dramatic being its composition. This siding consists of (generally) only four ingredients: water, wood pulp, fly ash and portland cement—think of it as concrete without the sand. The water, wood pulp and fly ash is mixed with the portland cement as a binding agent. The structural integrity is incredible and is far superior to wood and many other siding materials.


  • Fire Resistant: Living in Colorado we are used to hearing about wildfires devastating our forests during the fire season. If you live in an area where fire is common, it is a good idea to consider fiber cement siding for your home. Let’s face it, you never know what will happen, and  a fire could occur just about anywhere—the best way to protect your home’s exterior is with fiber cement siding.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Fiber cement siding is incredibly easy to maintain. The drawback is the fact that it must be painted and treated, but that is generally a one-time deal. Paint does not flake off like with some materials, and fiber cement siding makes your home look great. Taking care of your siding is as easy as rinsing it off, and generally the upkeep is incredibly minimal.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The nature of fiber cement makes it ideal if you are looking for a green building product that is manufactured with minimal environmental impact. 

It is popular these days to attempt a DIY installation of many things around your home, but fiber cement siding is not easy for the average homeowner to tackle. The installation is quite complex due to the strength of the material and requires special tools in order to install. If you do decide that fiber cement siding is right for you, contact the experts at Airtight Exteriors for a consultation and estimate. Experience the ultimate in siding technology with fiber cement!