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Siding can completely change the look of your home! Are you looking to boost your curb appeal to sell your home or just wanting a cosmetic change? Siding is a great solution! At Airtight Exteriors, we provide siding solutions for our Colorado customers, and we know that you need siding that can stand up to the sun, wind, and fluctuating temperatures! That’s why we offer the best siding options for our Colorado climate, and our professional installers will have your siding expertly installed as quickly as possible. Choose the best for your home—choose Airtight Exteriors!

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James Hardie® Siding

James Hardie siding products are designed to stand up against any weather that may occur. All James Hardie siding products are available primed and ready to paint, but with ColorPlus® Technology you can choose vibrant colors for a low maintenance alternative to paint and stain. James Hardie has a variety of siding products, each designed with the Hardie standard of quality in mind. From Hardieplank® lap siding, to exclusive, fiber cement siding, you’ll find exceptional quality and durability in one amazing looking product. James Hardie was the first to develop fiber-cement building materials and continues to be an industry leader today.  

  • Durable construction: James Hardie siding stands up to the toughest weather, including rain, snow, wind, and sun.
  • ColorPlus® technology: This technology gives you color that withstands the elements! Choose from a variety of shades, or paint the already primed boards any color you want!
  • Damage resistant: James Hardie siding stands up to hail, fire, and is puncture-resistant.
  • Warranty options: The 30 year warranty on this siding means years of protection and beauty.
  • Affordable: A great option that is more affordable than wood siding.
  • Resists pests and water: Unlike wood siding, James Hardie siding doesn’t attract pests and resists water absorption.
  • Authentic wood grain: The look of James Hardie siding mimics your favorite wood!

When you want a siding brand that has stood the test of time, James Hardie is the obvious choice! Airtight Exteriors is proud to install James Hardie siding products.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has been around for many years, and remains a popular choice. Today, vinyl siding is the gold standard in affordable, safe, and extremely durable siding. If you are looking to increase the curb appeal and beauty of your home, vinyl siding is a great option, even for those on a budget. Consider the benefits of vinyl:

  • Durable: Vinyl is extremely weather resistant and can stand up to rain, snow, and wind.
  • Color choice: Our vinyl siding comes with a vast array of color choices and the colors don’t fade!
  • Appearance: Vinyl has come a long way, and can mimic the look of your favorite wood.
  • Rot resistant: Vinyl resists rot and insect infestation.
  • Easy maintenance: Vinyl siding is almost maintenance-free and requires minimal cleaning and care!
  • Affordable: Vinyl remains the standard for quality siding for any budget.
  • Long warranty options: All quality vinyl companies offer long warranties ensuring your vinyl siding lasts for years to come.
  • Easy installation: Vinyl goes up on a home quickly and easily!

Vinyl is a great choice for many Colorado homes and offers an affordable option for instantly upgrading your home’s exterior!  

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LP SmartSide® Siding

Get smart with LP SmartSide® siding! This innovative siding is not only beautiful, it is built to stand up to the elements and look good for years to come! LP SmartSide siding has so many great features, including:

  • Durable construction: SmartSide siding is manufactured coating each wood fiber in a blend of waxes that help it to outperform wood in wet or humid climates.
  • Impact protection: The binders used in SmartSide siding offer protection against impact from rocks, balls, and dents during installation.
  • Rot resistant: SmartSide siding uses zinc borate to prevent rot from fungal decay or termite infestation.
  • Lightweight: SmartSide siding is lighter than traditional cement siding making installation much easier!
  • Beautiful wood grain: This siding can have the look, texture, and grain of cedar siding. The opposite side is smooth so you have various options!
  • Eliminates problems found in wood: This engineered product eliminates the knots, shrinking, and twisting found in traditional wood siding.
  • Resists discoloration: SmartSide siding doesn’t have the salts and minerals found in cement siding that can lead to discoloration.
  • Color choices: This siding comes in a large array of shades so you are sure to find a perfect match for your home!
  • Eliminates waste: Every board is straight, eliminating waste from damaged boards during installation.
  • Longer lengths: This siding comes in longer lengths than traditional lap siding allowing for fewer seams and faster installation.
  • Sustainable: The wood used to make SmartSide is sourced from fast-growing trees and produces minimal waste.

A truly remarkable, siding and trim material that is becoming extremely popular is LP SmartSide. This material not only looks good but is extremely durable. For those looking to use a sustainable, durable, natural material, while still maintaining the beauty of real wood, SmartSide is the perfect choice.

Fiber Cement Siding

What exactly is fiber cement siding? It just may be the future standard of home siding. Truth be told, fiber cement is one of the fastest growing segments of exterior materials for homes. It is truly an amazing material, as it is ideal for almost every climate in the continental United States. The climate here in Colorado can be brutal to many types of siding, and the sheer toughness of fiber cement makes the perfect material for siding your home. Fiber cement siding offers exceptional features, including:

  • Eco friendly: Made from cement, sand, and wood fibers, fiber cement siding is environmentally friendly.
  • Low maintenance: Fiber cement siding is easy to care for and may just require periodic caulking.
  • Color choice: Choose from a variety of great colors, or paint fiber cement siding in your desired shade!
  • Fire resistant: Fiber cement siding is both fire and heat resistant.
  • Resists damage: Fiber cement siding resists punctures and dents.
  • Long-lasting: Fiber cement siding can last 30-50 years if properly maintained.
  • Increases home’s value: Because it is durable and long-lasting, fiber cement siding can increase home value.

Fiber cement siding is a great option for many Colorado homes!

Determining the best siding for your home is entirely dependent upon your individual desires and goals for your home. At Airtight Exteriors, we have more than 20 years of experience in window and siding installation and we have many happy clients in the Denver and Lakewood areas. We will make your home the envy of the neighborhood—contact us today and schedule an appointment to receive a free quote!

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