If you are thinking of selling your home, you want the value to be as high as possible. If you have been painting, remodeling, or making improvements on the inside of your home you have surely already started to raise the resale value. But focusing on the exterior of your home as well can be very important in ensuring you get the maximum value out of a sale. Spend some time looking at your home’s exterior, and see if it could use help in any of these areas.


Is your yard overgrown or unattractive? Spending some time and money on your home’s landscaping can really help your home make a great first impression, and encourage buyers to do more than a drive by. Pruning bushes and trees can open up dark, shady areas and let your home really shine. Planting new flowering plants can help add some color to your home’s exterior, and perk up a plain entrance. If you have any clutter in your yard (we’re looking at you, broken lawnmower or old boat), remove it to make your yard as beautiful as possible. New mulch or rocks can help fill in bare areas and keep down weeds. Installing new sod, or seeding an area with grass, can add lush green color to an unattractive area. There are so many improvements you can make in your yard, and most of them require only a few hours or a trip to your local garden center!


If your yard is looking good, turn to the entrance of your home: the front door. This is the first impression a potential buyer will have as they enter your house, and you want it to be as appealing as possible. Is your screen door torn or ragged? Replace it. Is your front door lackluster? Paint it a bright, bold color to really make it stand out. Old hardware? Swap it out for something new, clean, and modern. Anything you can do to clean up, repair, or improve the entrance to your home will give buyers a great first impression.

Garage Door

If your garage is on the front of your home, garage doors occupy a large space, and are one of the first things a buyer will notice. If your garage doors are broken, dented, peeling, or just plain ugly, you should consider replacing them! New garage doors can instantly upgrade the front of your home, and there are many new styles to choose from. Adding in garage doors with windows can add aesthetic value, as well as light into a dark garage. Since some garage doors take up as much as 30% of your home’s exterior, it is well worth replacing them to increase resale value!


If your roof has seen better days, buyers will notice. A peeling or crumbling roof adds no value to your home, and buyers will just see it as a potential problem. A new roof adds substantial value to your home, and you can choose a color that coordinates with your home’s exterior. The roof is something that buyers can see from the road, so make sure yours is in good condition!

Outside Details

Maybe your home is perfectly landscaped, but your mailbox is a rusting eyesore. Or your exterior light fixtures are covered in spiderwebs. A huge pile of dead leaves on your front porch? A porch swing only hanging on one side? All of these little details that you have become accustomed to are what buyers will notice first. Take stock of the outside of your home, and try to find the little details that can be improved. Make sure to mow, rake, or shovel the outside of your home before any showings, to ensure your house looks great!


If your siding has seen better days, buyers are sure to notice. Holes, cracks, warped or splintered wood, or a faded color are all signs that they should skip your home and keep driving. Thankfully, if you are in the Lakewood area you have Airtight Exteriors as your siding installation professionals! We have been replacing siding since 1996, and making our customer’s homes beautiful. With experience in vinyl, fiber cement, James Hardie®, and LP SmartSide® Siding, we have all of the solutions for your home’s exterior! Instantly upgrade the look of your home with new, beautiful siding from Airtight Exteriors!

So if you are selling your home, take some time to evaluate the outside and make the necessary upgrades and improvements. If you need new siding, Airtight Exteriors are the experts you can trust—call us today!