Are you thinking of selling your home? You could just throw a sign in the front yard and start taking offers, but to get top-dollar you need to be a little more strategic. Making crucial repairs and impactful design choices will help you attract buyers, close the deal, and hopefully get more money than you were expecting! Read on to find out what you can do to get your home ready to sell.

End The Hoarding

OK, hopefully it’s not quite to the hoarding level, but if you have lived in your home for many years, chances are you have accumulated quite a bit of stuff. Buyers don’t want to see how many toy trucks your kids have, or how much junk mail you have managed to avoid in the last month. They want open spaces, clean shelves, and cabinet space that help them imagine their own possessions in your home. A home that is filled to the brim looks small, and buyers have a hard time seeing past the junk. Clear your home of clutter and you will not only make it look better, but you will have less when it comes time to move!


Now that all the clutter is cleared out, you can get to work making your home look even better. If you have rooms that have large, bulky furniture, rearranging may be a good idea to make the flow better and give the impression of more space. Pulling furniture away from the walls and allowing it to float in the middle of the room is one trick to make a room appear larger. If you have an unused room, putting a desk or bed in there can help buyers see the room’s potential. Rearrange the furniture to help your home look great, and don’t worry if it is not your perfect layout—you are doing this to sell!

Use Paint

Paint is a great tool that can easily transform a room and make it look bigger, cleaner, and more modern. If you have rooms that seem dark and dreary, a coat of fresh white paint can open things up and make the room look brighter and lighter. A boring room could use a dose of bold color, and a deep hue can make a bedroom seem more cozy and inviting. Paint can also make you home appear newer, covering the many marks and spots that come with everyday living. Another great area to use paint is on the interior trim. Trim work can quickly appear dirty and worn, and a fresh coat of paint can bring it back to life! Your kitchen cabinets are another place where paint can make a huge impact. If your kitchen cabinets are looking outdated or worn, paint can instantly clean them up and make them appear more modern. Paint is a low-cost way to really improve the look of your home!

Get New Appliances

Remodeling your kitchen is an area of your home where investment brings big returns. But not everyone wants to take on a major kitchen remodel right before they move, and getting new appliances can be the next best thing. If you have old appliances, they could be dragging your kitchen down and not making it appealing to buyers. New appliances instantly change the look of a kitchen, and the return can be huge! Go with the same finish for the refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher for a cohesive look that will really improve your kitchen’s aesthetic! New appliances are not a huge investment, but could be what really helps sell your home.

Make Your Entrance Grand

The first thing a buyer will see before they enter your home is your front door. Make sure that your entryway looks amazing to help frame your home in the best light possible. Your front door should be in good condition, and if you can paint it in an eye-catching color it could draw people in from the street. Any lights around your front door or porch should be free of spider webs and dirt, and swapping out an old ugly fixture for something more modern can really help. If you have a front porch that is creaky or splintered, fixing boards or restaining can help it look new again. Take stock of your entryway and make it something that is beautiful.


If your home looks great, but your yard is brown and weedy, the overall impression of your home will not be favorable. Great landscaping not only complements a great home, but can really elevate a basic one. Set your house apart from the neighbors with new grass, beautiful flowering plants, and a winding walkway. Make sure trees and bushes are trimmed and not obscuring the front of your home. Adding in new mulch, new rocks, or fixing a cracked driveway can all help with the look of your yard. Remember, many buyers do a drive-by to decide if they want to see the inside of your home; draw them in with lush green landscaping.


Is your roof looking like it is ready to retire? Buyers do not want to deal with a leaking or damaged roof, or take the time to deal with a replacement after they buy your home. They want a home that is already structurally sound, and protected from the elements with a sturdy roof. A new roof not only protects your home from weather damage, it can help your home look more visually appealing. Change the color of your roof, the style of shingles, and you can really enhance the look of your home.

New Siding

Do you have siding that is peeling, damaged, or falling off of your home? Again, the exterior of your home is what buyers see first, and unattractive siding can ruin the look. If you have vinyl siding that has holes, cracks, or is buckling, this indicates a home that is worn and not taken care of. Get new siding from Airtight Exteriors! We offer a large range of options, from vinyl siding to LP SmartSide siding that is engineered to look like wood with incredible durability and strength. New siding can change the whole look of your home, and with new color technology, many options come in a range of modern color choices. Update your home with new siding that gives a clean, fresh look to the outside of your home.

Selling your home can be a lot of work, and Airtight Exteriors would love to make your life a little easier. If you are looking for siding installation in Lakewood, we are your trusted installers, and can make your home look beautiful. Read our testimonials to see what our satisfied customers have to say about us!