1. Help! My Vinyl Siding Was Incorrectly Installed!

    Vinyl siding is a great choice for your home. It is weather resistant, does not rot, wind resistant, and comes in a large variety of colors. Vinyl siding can quickly increase the curb appeal and value of your home. However, there are common problems that can arise from vinyl siding being installed i…Read More

  2. The Perfect Shade: Choosing a Siding Color

    So you have decided to replace the siding on your house-great! Now comes the not-so-easy task of choosing a color. Color can really impact the look of your home, and choosing the right one can be an agonizing task. Whether you are looking vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, James Hardie® siding, or …Read More

  3. Get Smart: LP SmartSide® Siding

    Siding can dramatically change the exterior of your home and add visible beauty and style. But the value of LP SmartSide® Siding goes deeper than just the great way it looks. SmartSide Siding is a sustainable option that is incredibly resistant to rot, termites and weather. If you are considering a…Read More

  4. Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home With New Siding

    Spring is fast approaching, and this is the perfect time to boost your home’s curb appeal. An easy way to give the outside of your home a makeover is with siding. Whether you are thinking of selling your home, or just want to change up the exterior, adding or replacing siding is a great way to add…Read More

  5. Upgrade Energy Efficiency Before Winter

    Halloween is passed and soon winter will be here! Winters in Colorado are an exciting time. Mostly because you never really know what the weather is going to do. It could be a bright sunny day, sitting around 70 degrees. Or it could be frigid, snow blowing sideways, and ice layering all the roads. F…Read More

  6. Replace Your Windows Before the Cold Comes

    “You know you’re from Colorado if you plan your Halloween costume around your winter coat.” Regardless of the fact that the last few years have brought warmer Halloween nights here in the metro area, this old adage is still in the forefront of all of our minds. October has been an up and down,…Read More

  7. The Best Windows for Colorado Homes

    Choosing new windows for your home seems as easy as finding a compatible design that you like, right? Unfortunately, we are here to tell you that this simply not the case, especially not in Colorado. What many people fail to realize is that climate and elevation both play an important part when it c…Read More

  8. Vinyl Siding Facts You Didn’t Know You Wanted

    If you are like most people, you probably don’t give the exterior siding of your home a second thought unless there are problems with it or it gets damaged. But ask yourself, does that seem fair? After all, your siding is what protects your home from the elements and it provides the aesthetic appe…Read More

  9. Tips to Keep Siding Looking Great

    If you have lived in Colorado for longer than a few weeks, you have likely experienced the joy that is our weather. While we do have our fair share of sunshine (think 300 days of sun a year), we all know that many of those days come with insane changes in temperature or precipitation. Sunny one minu…Read More